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Joint Mediation

Once you have both attended your MIAMs and wish to proceed to joint mediation, you can contact us to make an appointment. You (and your mediator) can decide whether mediation will be carried out on screen together or in breakout rooms (shuttle).  Each session will last for approx. 90 minutes  and will normally require 2-4 sessions.  Child arrangements and Property & Finance (AIM) mediation may require additional sessions, depending on the issues for discussion.

All mediation is voluntary, and confidential.   Mediators remain impartial and are there for you both.


Mediators are trained to:

- Listen and ensure you have equal time to speak and are both heard

- Provide appropriate information needed to help you decide what is best for you and your family

- Discuss and help you explore your options

- Ensure decisions are made jointly, are fair and reasonable, and focus on the needs of your children

- Tell you when you might need further independent advice (eg. property & finance)


  • An online Joint Mediation session costs £210 (£105 per person) and lasts approximately 90 minutes (includes a written Progress Summary/Outcome Summary).

  • Out of hours mediation (6pm – 8pm & Weekends) will incur a £40 charge.

  • Face to face mediations will incur an additional charge depending on location.

  • Additional written Summaries are at an extra cost (see  costs)

  • Cancellation policy (see costs)

To book joint mediation, please contact Rachael Dunlop on 07977 454384.

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