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Frequently Asked Questions


When do I need to attend a MIAM?

Prior to attending joint mediation or making an application to court for child arrangements (C100), Financial Order, (Form A) or other child related orders (FM1), you will be required to attend a MIAM.  There are  certain circumstances where you may be  exempt from attending, including domestic violence or should your case be urgent.  Please see  (

Do I need to attend a MIAM prior to joint mediation?

- YES.  You will both need to attend a MIAM.  This is your opportunity to explain your situation to the mediator and what you would like to happen.  The mediator will assess whether mediation is suitable and provide you with the necessary information for you to decide your next steps.

What if the other party does not want to attend?

Family mediation is voluntary and both parties need to be willing to engage in the process to try and resolve the issues.   Should they not be willing, you will receive your signed mediation form to enable you to make an application to court.  Family courts may ask both parties to explain why you have not attempted mediation and in some cases, may refer you back to mediation.  

Do I need to be in the  same room as my ex?

- NO.  Many family breakdowns can be stressful and emotional and can sometimes lead to conflict.  In certain circumstances, and cases where there has been domestic abuse, shuttle mediation can be used.  If online (Teams), breakout rooms  will be used.

How do I start divorce proceedings?

Once you have been married for one year, you will be able to get a  "no fault" divorce.  The divorce process takes around 6 months and costs £593.  During this process, you may want to discuss your finances and make an application for a Financial Order.   Mediation can help you decide how to divide your finances to make an application.  Should you need further information and require support, please contact us.  An application can be made online Get a divorce: How to apply - GOV.UK ( or by making an application to your local family court.

What happens if we are in a Civil Partnership?

If you are seeking to dissolve a civil partnership, the process is the same for divorce proceedings. End a civil partnership (

What are my rights as a Grandparent?

Grandparents play an important role, yet have no automatic rights to be part of their grandchildren's lives.  In certain circumstances, you can make an application to court.  If all parties are willing, mediation can help to repair relationships and reduce conflict.   If you are seeking a Special Guardianship Order , or other Child Arrangement Order, you may be required to attend a MIAM.

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