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Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM)

Child Inclusive Mediation allows children a voice and the opportunity to share their worries and concerns whilst their parents are in mediation without the pressure of feeling responsible for decision making or feeling that they have to take sides.

We know that at this time of uncertainty children value the chance to share their worries and concerns, and contribute to the plans for the future.

During your MIAMs or joint mediation, our mediator will talk to you about how your children can contribute, and if you both agree, the mediator will arrange to meet with your child/children separate to the meetings between you and your ex-partner.


  • An online Child Inclusive Mediation session costs £70 and lasts approx. an hour (can be included within the Government Mediation Voucher Scheme)

  • Out of hours mediation (6pm – 8pm & Weekends) will incur an additional £20 charge.

  • Face to face mediations will incur an additional charge depending on location.

  • Cancellation policy (see costs)

To find out more and book child inclusive mediation, please contact Rachael Dunlop on 07977 454384.

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